Sometimes They Bring Their Own Breakfast

5 responses to “Sometimes They Bring Their Own Breakfast

  • Mandy K Court

    that is a lot of cheese! Mmmmm….I love cheese 🙂

  • psphoenix

    hahahahah! I love it! Um, can you say major constipation? Did the kid sneak the cheese or did their parents know? I am dieing!

    • kimberlybbert

      Ha! The funny thing about that constipation concept is that she also brought six bananas with her! And yes, her mother totally knew. ANYthing to get her out the door at 6 am, I’m guessing.

      • psphoenix

        (I hope the mom sent a bottle of miralax…ha!) 6 am, I don’t blame the kid. heck I don’t blame ANYONE at 6 am. Not much of a morning person here. A brick of cheese and six bananas for everyone!

  • ladywise

    Oh that is hilarious. Kids and parents. geeezzz. I’m not real functional or appropriate at 6 am either. I am so bad that I don’t get up with the kids in the morning. I know that’s terrible, but I did in the beginning and I would just sit at the kitchen table and watch them as they went about getting ready. After about a week of that, Hailey looked at me one morning and said, “Grammy, PLEASE don’t get up with us in the mornings any more. You look so pitiful and I just feel bad then. We know how to get ready for school.” So I don’t get up with them any more.

    The other day I needed to get up at 4 am to be at a store at 6 so Hailey had to get me up. She set her clock, got up and made me a cup of coffee, brought it to the bedroom and woke me up. Then she went back to bed until 5:30. So a block of cheese and six bananas, no big deal!

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