Monthly Archives: February 2012

When All Else Fails, Blame The Tech Guy

I have a strategy for remembering important things about my students and lesson plans: I leave myself sticky notes where I cannot miss them before that “thing” needs to be dealt with the next day. “Ask Joycie about her test.” “Contact Ms. James.”


This morning when I got to school, I found a note that stumped me: “Daily Motion”.

From the things that were written at the top, I know I didn’t write it before lunch. Probably not even before seventh period. It’s in my handwriting, so I cannot deny authorship.

The problem is that I have no recollection of writing it, or what those words could possibly mean.

Daily Motion? What is that? A curriculum? A movie? Some type of dance? Did I mean to write something else, but a passing student uttered those words and I wrote them down instead and now the other, important thing is lost forever?

I have no idea.

Maybe the tech guy who let himself in to fix the projector last night figured out how to perfectly mimic my handwriting and is messing with me…