Monthly Archives: June 2011

Checking In… (Or Out)

I hereby interrupt the weeks-long cramming session to bring you an update.

Just kidding. What I’m really doing is taking a break from the cramming–by remembering suddenly that there was this blogging thing I used to do, back before I found out I had to take the WEST-E before June 10th.

I discovered this requirement about three weeks ago–just in time to pay hefty late fees and slide in under the registration  deadline.

And begin researching/studying madly for the four WEST-E exams I’m supposed to take this Saturday.

E, as in Exit exam. As in these are the things I should know as I exit my master’s program a year from now.

(But for some reason, known only to the bureaucratic powers that be, we have to take a year ahead of time.)

Content? Anything covered in any subject in any grade for any ability level of student between the ages of five and fifteen or so. Math, science, social studies, health, PE, music, art, language… Along with child development models and theories of teaching this stuff to various ages, backgrounds, and special needs students. (What is the best approach to teaching a second grade child struggling with large motor skills to catch a ball? Seriously? 1) I haven’t had that class yet, and 2) I can’t even catch a ball.)

Most of it,  I should probably already know.

But eighth grade science was a really, really long time ago. And Piaget, schmiaget.

If I could take the tests this very moment, and get them over with, I’d do it.

Euler and Golgi and Dawes can all go smoke an oort cloud for all I care.

(Please tell me you don’t remember ever hearing those names, either…)