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When All Else Fails, Start Gnawing…

And the doctor wants to know how she got the first cast off in less than 24 hours:


The Coolest Flashlight Ever

Today’s post brought to you by a full fledged panic attack. Well, more like, instead of a panic attack. Because as long as I’m doing this, I don’t have time to think about everything else I should be doing… Not only is this semester winding down, the next one is looming, and I have to make a decision about how many and what courses to register for now. Ugh. Can’t I get through this one first, and then decide?

I have written my second paragraph four times  and erased it.

Whatever happened to uninhibited blogging? I seem to remember making a solemn vow not to edit myself here…

Just trying to not whine about the pressures for which I am myself to blame. And every topic invariably leads to whining…

Aha! Unless we talk about my new favorite gadget of all time (and that’s saying something–I’m not much of a techie gadget sort of person, generally); see if you can guess what it is:

Twenty Reasons to Own an _____________

  1. It makes a really great flashlight. In the middle of the night, hit the power button and it glows just brightly enough to allow you to navigate anywhere in the house without waking anybody else up. Possibly my favorite function.
  2. It works as the most intuitively set up alarm clock ever. You can set an unlimited number of alarms and then specify which days and which times they go off, once or repeatedly. And it’s super easy. Even in the middle of the night.
  3. It fits in the palm of your hand. Or your pocket. Or your bra…
  4. It has an amazing battery life.
  5. You can check your email… pretty much anywhere, anytime, anywhere there’s a wireless network. While brushing your teeth. In bed.
  6. You can post to internet forums in any of those same places–really handy for students who have to post a certain number of times a day/week/month. I’ve been lying in bed and suddenly thought–Oh NO! I forgot to post today! And gotten on and done that without sitting up.
  7. You can listen to internet radio. For free. No ads. Pretty much any news or music genre you like. Anywhere with a wireless network.
  8. You can borrow ebooks and audio books for free from the public library and read or listen to them anywhere. No wireless network required, because it’s on the hard drive. I listened to the entire “The Hunger Games” the other day. I usually hate being read to, but hey–it’s pretty hard to read a novel while changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, driving, and with an audio book you can.
  9. It has a good sized calculator, a great calendar, various timers, and it tells me all about the weather.
  10. I can shoot HD video and pretty decent pictures with it.
  11. I can study a library of hundreds of books–which I can also highlight, copy and paste text from into a virtual notebook–and if the book I need isn’t there, I can usually find a free place to download it from.
  12. I can pay my bills with it.
  13. It has awesome language learning applications.
  14. I can track my daily calorie intake/burnage with a few taps. (Thank you Mandy, for the Spark people tip!)
  15. It holds a ridiculous amount of information–of all types. I can toggle between four different documents and an electronic dictionary instantly. I could even listen to music while doing this.
  16. Oh yeah. And it does play music. A little ironic, since I rarely use it for that function, and that’s what I bought it for.
  17. I hear that I could watch movies on it, but I’ve never tried.
  18. I’ve also heard that you can video conference call with the thing. They call it “FaceTime”.
  19. I can download any number of Google maps along with directions, take a screenshot and save them for future, non-internet access occasions.
  20. It can automatically upload and track my workout stats from my treadmill.

I assume you’ve figured out that it’s an iPod. Yes. I am completely converted. The only thing that would be cooler would be if it were also my cell phone, but this girl is never going to afford iPhone service. Not in this life.

Eyes Of Fire

You know those ridiculous looking terrycloth headbands everyone wore in middle school? I remember wondering what in the world you’d need a headband for. I thought it was one of those bizarre styles inherent to the eighties. I didn’t realize that people actually exerted themselves enough to require wearing absorbent mini towels about their brow.

Turns out it’s a real phenomenon. As I was running last night, some deep part of my consciousness was reinventing these things. I was thinking, “You know, it’d be really nice if there wasn’t firewater dripping into my eyes right now… this probably isn’t what the manufacturer has in mind when they talk about lubricating the treadmill occasionally… Maybe I should carry a towel…I wonder if I could…” And that’s right about when the image of Sylvester Stallone popped into my head and it all made sense.

So I looked it up, wondering if you can still buy these things. I’ve haven’t actually seen one in use since middle school, and those kids, let me tell you, did not do a whole lot of sweating. Maybe that’s my problem…maybe the people I hang out with have an antipathy towards sweat? Anyway. I looked it up. And lo and behold, they do exist. In a horrifying array of colors. You can even buy them USED. I kid you not–the first shopping results I saw were for used sport headbands. Can you imagine? Uhg.

Here’s a question–what were the wrist bands for? To prevent sweat dripping onto your nails?