Greetings, from under the sea.

Okay. Not really. It just feels like I’m wading along, under several thousand feet of water. Head cold, etc.

Should you run when you’re sick?

Uchtdorf said no. I heard him.

3 responses to “Question

  • Ruth

    Taking a day off actually makes running better the next time out – BUT – if you take too many days off going out will be like starting over.
    Been there done that – many times. Still do.
    Always start over on anything important!

  • Emmi

    I agree with Ruth. However I have run when I was feeling an extremely slight downturn, and it made me feel stronger and better, even if the cold happened. Never, ever run with a fever. People have died suddenly while doing that, from what I read.

    • kimberlybbert

      Good info–I didn’t know that about a fever. I think I finally shook mine last night. I’ve been running a pretty high fever since Sunday night, and I could feel it settling in my sinuses but I think I’m ready to hit the road tonight. Can’t wait. It’s killing me to miss so many days!

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