Warm (green) Fuzzies

In honor of the first day of summer vacation, my youngest children got up with the sun. 
Actually, they didn't. The sun gets up at four, and they were not. 
(I was, and I really, really wish I had taken my camera out with me. The mountains were magnificent. Yes. Mountains. You could see them from Moses Lake. The air was so clear it was as if the western side of the state had lifted up and bent towards us, just a little bit, to meet the morning sun.)
The kidlets were up shortly thereafter, waiting for something exciting to happen. 
It is summer, after all.
Why waste a moment of it in bed?!
I did my motherly duty and crushed their hopes and dreams with the revelation that before they did anything else they had to 1) do a job, and 2) write a paragraph in their journals. 
Oh that I were as organized as Freedom Smith, but alas, this was as far as my iron fist extended. 
I also paid my youngest to write lines. 
His handwriting is atrocious
I figured that out when I emptied his backpack and found his homework binder. Apparently something spilled in the depths there some time ago. 
Like maybe at Christmas. 
The binder was molded shut.

And when I say mold, I mean the mottled black and green, fuzzy type. After I pried the thing open I found his reading log–the last entry is dated October first. And various incomplete reading assignments.
Mother of the year award–that's me.
The kid can read. We just never get around to recording it. It's the reading that's important, right?

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5 responses to “Warm (green) Fuzzies

  • Freedom Smith

    LOL!!! I love that you are admitting the molded notebook! Sounds like some boys I know. Ha. So hard when they make them keep logs. Meg had to have her agenda initialed every night of the school year by us. The school made an exception and let Chad do it as well, since he drives them to school. So, I don't exactly get the mother of the year award either!

  • P.S.

    does the sun reeeeally get up at four?!!! I do not think I have ever seen that.

    All in All – I am laughing SO hard! I can't believe that you actually opened it. I clearly remember you finding a diaper bag that something got spilled in it and you just chucked the whole thing- without looking inside. You had at least two kids in diapers at the time

  • Kimber

    Technically the sun doesn't get up before 5, but the birds and I disagree with the almanac! When it's light enough to see, the day has begun!

  • Mandy

    These past few weeks I've been getting up with the sun at about 4:30am…not because I want to, simply because I have a little man that wants to eat. However only a handful of those days have been bright and sunny and beautiful. Most of them have been cloudy and gloomy and very wet. But summer is on it's way, or so the weather man says and before you know it me and my crew will be there visiting with you for a short time!!!(I wish it could be longer). I am very excited!

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