Glory Days

I'm sitting at the far end of the Lowes parking lot, parked between an SUV and a little red car. Bruce Springsteen is on the radio singing about glory days and the clouds look close enough to touch. They are dark and heavy and wet. I can smell the rain with my windows rolled up.
I figure the cars out here belong to employees; nobody in their right mind would park this far from the entrance. 
Which is why I'm here.
I haven't gone into the store, and I don't plan to. I just want to sit here. 
In a town this size, there isn't much space for anonymity. Someone you know is always at the other end of the aisle, a few heads down the line, waving at you across the intersection while you wait for a green light. 
And I don't feel like waving.
It occurs to me that I don't know what Springsteen is talking about.  
It occurs to me that I never had any glory days.
That I'm still waiting, thinking about–glory days. 

That I've been enduring my entire life: just one more month of school, two more weeks of summer, one more year to graduation, six more weeks until the baby is born or the toddler is trained or the van is paid off or the grass to come in. 

Glory days. 
What would they consist of–and will I recognize them?

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15 responses to “Glory Days

  • Emjay

    And that's why we get to the end of our lives and wonder where all the years went – we've sort of hurried them away.

  • P.S.

    When I first heard about you I thought she sounds nice. Then I heard about how you can draw, and was shown pictures. They were amazing, I was a bit intimidated. Then they told me how you could write and about your grades and I was completely intimidated. I can teach a lesson- but I have heard you give the most amazing lessons- more to be intimidated by. I have heard you speak your mind clearly with a strong voice something I never can do. You can bake bread. And still remember French (to what degree I do not know- but it's more than I remember of spanish and I have been to Mexico several times.) You run a day care and take care of your children and husband. You teach a huge group of Beehives.
    I can't even begin to see an end to your glory days. You are an amazing person. Maybe you just need to surround yourself with more people that can point out some of your awesomeness. I hope your day gets better.

  • Kimmers

    I was touched by what you wrote, Kimber, and clicked the comments button, without knowing what I was going to say. But P.S. already so eloquently nailed it.

  • Freedom Smith

    To me, the glory days would be when the physically and emotionally taxing work is done. When we are in a place in life (perhaps as grandparents) that we can sit down, a spell, and it is OK. When we can enjoy the grandkids and our grown kids. When the younger generation is "running" things and we get to sit back.

  • ken

    i've been reading your blogs for a couple of months,..glory days are built seconds at a time,and it really looks like you've have some seconds that other people will never match……………

  • Flamingo Dancer

    OMG I had much the same conversation with Mr FD this morning in the laundry! I said "I never got to sow any wild oats. My oats have always been domesticated oats!" Married at 19, first baby at 21…no glory days!

  • Kimber

    No kidding! Exactly what I was thinking–I've been waiting my whole life to accomplish something grand and in reality, my life is half over–if not now, then when!?!?

  • Kimber

    Yeah…people like you…what are you doing living so far away. I don't think they sell your brand of rose colored glasses this close to home!

  • Kimber

    Ah, you're sweet! I think, as women, that we tend to surround ourselves, often with needy people, and not the ones that build us up–because those women are off building the other needy people up, and we tend to get worn down without even realizing it.

  • Kimber

    Seconds at a time! Yes! And we need to start seeing that, at some point during those seconds, don't we? Start recognizing the patterns of glory in our daily lives!

  • Kimber

    Me too! Married just before my 18th birthday (college at 16) and first baby shortly before 19. No time off for good behavior, either. You want to know what I was doing at Lowes? I took myself out for a hamburger. By myself. I'm 34 years old and I've never done that. Never eaten something because I wanted to, and not because someone else wanted to. It was odd.

  • viki

    Kimber- I so get what you are saying! At the same time the one thing I have learned is that this life is not all there is. Some things will wait for later. Paul and I have always wanted to serve a mission together, but it is not looking like that will be a possibility as 2 of our kids and one of our fosterchildren/nephew will require ongoing care the rest of their lives. So, I need to find my "glory days" in the here and now, and hope for later, but don't waste the greatness from now's drudgery. You are amazing, I am in awe of your writing ability as well as all your other talents. What was it we said in high school? Something about "the best is yet to come"? ;}

  • Kimber

    Yeah, I think we did, and it is, but at the same time, there is so much glory in the here and now, isn't there? I just read somewhere that there are really only two emotions–fear and love. And the longer I think about it, the more I'm sure it's true. Ironically, it can be frightening to base all your actions on love, and let go of the fear-based motivations sometimes. Oh, but I know there are so many dreams that we will never see fulfilled in this life. By the way, I can't remember–do you have a blog or no?

  • viki

    Yes, I have a blog-not as interesting as yours though. It is at Come on over!

  • Rex

    The glory days are here and now. My eldest daughter once said to me "When I complete … (I forget what the task or life's event was) my life will be back to normal. I gently chuckled and told her "This is normal". The thing that I have learned is to enjoy the events as they happen. No, I would never want to rewind but I would not trade the experiences, good and bad, happy and sad, for anything. I think that you have it figured out. Smell that rain. Get excited about the clouds. Enjoy your kids and before you can ever imagine there will be grandkids and a whole new set of normals to enjoy. Glory days.

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