Lime Pie

About those waves. Nothing is so big Mother Nature can’t get things swinging. And I mean SWINGING. 

Getting my sea legs today. Last night the seas were a little rougher than the norm—or so they tell us. We were fine as long as we weren’t trying to read or watch TV . . . or shave. Standing on one leg in the shower.  FD, I’ll bet you’d be good at that.

Overheard a woman in the elevator this morning saying her brother just bought $80,000 of tanzanite at the duty-free shops.


Question of the Day: What’s tanzanite?

Speaking of Elevators—we’ve discovered that if we avoid elevators, casinos and the pool deck it’s almost like being on a ghost ship.  Taking the stairs is not something cruise-goers do, apparently. But with excellent food available 24 hours a day—even delivered to your cabin at no charge, I figure we need all the stair climbing we can get.

Speaking of which. There’s a killer key lime pie on deck nine, if I remember right. . . 

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