On Board

While waiting for our shore-to-ship shuttle this morning I called home and interrupted a major tantrum on the part of my youngest. His sister had given him the wrong Sunday shirt.

He didn’t want to talk to me.

Which, it turns out, was a pretty good call on his part—seeing I was operating under the delusion that Florida time is 3 hours earlier than Washington time, therefore he’d already been to church and didn’t need a shirt.

M and I didn’t go to church at all, but joined the heathen throngs in seeking our own pleasure on the Lord’s day.  Don’t think I didn’t acknowledge this.

I wore a dress, and we didn’t go to any of the onboard entertainment that night; I left all of my unpacking and shore excursion purchasing until Monday. But still. I was keenly aware of the Sabbath that I wasn’t keeping. 

The Savior’s answer to those who criticized his Sabbath activities come to mind: “The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.” Or something like that. A person could skew that anyway they wanted I suppose, but here I am and trusting more good than harm comes from the overall experience.

Shore to ship driver was  infinitely more sane than previous driver.  Check-in wasn’t too bad, actually, given the numbers of people involved.  The Legend is very . . . reflective. Everywhere you look, you see at least one reflection of yourself.  Maybe that’s to make things look bigger than they are—but let me just say this is a BIG ship. We keep losing our cabin.  Which is pretty roomy, comes with a private balcony. Lights that could induce seizures. We’ve learned to squeeze our eyes shut for the first fifteen seconds or so after flipping the switch.  Our own private steward who sculptures towel animals while we’re out and generally stalks our every movement. 

I find it hard to believe that the waves could really affect this thing. As we pulled out of port it was like an entire city block moving.

The shuttle to the hotel had this big red sign at the front. “Please Fasten Seatbelts” We soon found out why. I don’t know how people live in cities. Any city. Drive like that. And survive! Insane.

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