For Sale: One American F-22

This week I ventured into the student bathroom, as the one-stall staff bathroom is usually occupied.

And we wonder why contagious illnesses rage through the population.

Did you know that the sinks in the girls’ bathrooms only dispense water if you are actually (forcefully) depressing the faucet? You can wash one hand at a time… sort of. I’m not sure how effective one-handed-hand washing is. And to top that off, you then  have to touch the faucet again to rinse off your soap.

You could turn on the water with one elbow while rinsing the other hand if 1) you have no nerves in your funny bone, 2) you are flexible, and 3) don’t mind the soapy water of the elbow-depressing-arm running down your sleeve. Oh. And your arm would need to fit between the faucet and the soap dispenser.

Not that I’m complaining. Because there are schools in Africa without any running water at all.

Also, I’m incredibly grateful for the circa-1974 copies of Roget’s thesaurus. All eight of them. Because there are schools without any books.

Ditto the slightly more than 1000 novels we have  in our library to serve our student population of more than 2200.

You think I’m making this up. But seriously. One thousand books? Reference materials older than me?

I’m supposed to teach writing, but students don’t have  regular access to computers. I signed up early for the lab so I could snag myself  a regular spot.

Once a month.

We are supposed to be preparing our students for college and for life, but who in the real world, academic or otherwise, writes anything without access to a word processor and an internet connection? Nobody! It’s not authentic!

It’s not realistic to expect them to do research papers when they have one 45 minute session in the library every two weeks. It’s not realistic to expect them to make the kinds of revisions college writing demands when they are doing it with a pen and paper.

Yes, you and I did it in college with ball point pens, but we would never do it now–and we write differently because of that. We hold our writing and fact-checking to a higher standard.

Not to mention that when we were writing with those ballpoint pens,  most of us were doing it in libraries that contained actual reference materials.

You know how many books we could buy if the military sold just one of those stinkin’ jets they have sitting around, rusting on the tarmac?  Just one? 

This country needs to seriously examine its priorities.

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