Proud Parents

Some parents’ children pose prettily for pictures. Particularly when they are being printed in the newspaper.

This is ours:

5 responses to “Proud Parents

  • psphoenix

    hahahahahhahahaahahaha! THat girls confidence is incredible! She’s smart, beautiful and fun. Awesome!

  • kimberlybbert

    That was her yearbook photo–which means that all year, every time an administrator or counselor opened up her file on a computer, this was what they saw. Other kids at the middle school keep asking my boys if “the girl in the yearbook” is their sister. Small town celebrity. Funniest part? When she got her diploma yesterday, and turned toward the photographer–who she had never seen before in her life–the lady hissed, “DO NOT make that face!!!”

  • Flamingo Dancer

    It is going to be one of those “good idea at the time…omg what was I thinking” moments in about 5 years time!

    • kimberlybbert

      Funny you should mention that–it’s already beginning to haunt her. She was walking down the aisle at graduation and some official she had never seen before took her elbow and directed her to face the camera man, while hissing through clenched teeth and cheery smile, “Do NOT make that face!”

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