Toddler Wisdom

This week, Jaidon got his cast removed. We can’t convince him to walk on it yet, but I’m sure he’ll come around. It’s pretty swollen still:

We also took down our Christmas tree–I know, it’s probably a record. Feel free to stand and applaud vigorously. I’d take a picture of the gloriousness of an empty living room, but it looks the same as it did last year, minus the April sunshine.

Picked up about a million Lego’s; son six has been on a building spree lately though, so there are actually fewer than usual to pick up. It’s like the Berlin wall meets 3D encyclopedia of transportation vehicles up there:

Actually, I lied; I didn’t pick any of them up. I made him do it. Except for those ones the vacuum maybe might have taken care of…

And on that note–speaking of small brightly colored objects,  a bit of profound wisdom I gleaned from the t-shirt one of my toddlers was sporting today:

“Friends don’t let friends stick things up them’s noses!”

5 responses to “Toddler Wisdom

  • ladywise

    Well, at least you got the tree down before February. That’s a good thing. I always hated toys with little tiny separate parts like Lego’s. They should invent a vacuum that accepts the toys without damage, to the vacuum that is!

    • psphoenix

      You put a nylon stocking on the end of the hose of the vacuum to pick up the little pieces. Hold it tight,and vacuum. When done turn it off and catch all the pieces as they drop in your hand. Works well when things like earrings fall off and get stuck somewhere in the couch too!

  • Susan Pilkerton

    Grandma-P just stopping by to say hello and hope all is well. I just haven’t got in the groove since VOX ended. I sure miss the ole neighborhood.

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