Unexplained Ice Cream Pangs

It's spring break. 
Translation: the older siblings of children in my care, who are normally in school, are at my house. All day.
After lunch, when the little ones were laying down, the older ones begged to skip nap. They promised to get their drinks and go potty and etc, etc, first, and agreed that if they came in, even one time they would have to take a nap like everyone else. Swore up and down that there would be no in/out horseplay with the door. 
So when they start knocking, half an hour later, I assume there must be a significant emergency. 
"Can we have ice cream?"

I have never, EVER, given these kids ice cream. I don't even have ice cream. 
Not the brightest crayons in the box, I'm telling you. 

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7 responses to “Unexplained Ice Cream Pangs

  • Freedom Smith

    LOL….too funny! They definitely define "emergency" differently from you. hahaha!

  • Waterbaby

    lol. doesn't hurt to try.

  • Karen

    How can you not have ice cream at your house? Not that you need to, but that's a state of affairs that seems so strange to me. Probably because I grew up with an ice cream loving mother, and she would always buy it "For the kids." However, I don't care for it myself. When it's just me and my husband, there will be no ice cream in the house.

  • angie

    With 6 kids, one giant husband and a dozen day care kids, you'd have to have an entire ice cream store added on. Seriously. It's easier not to have any! It must be a spring break thing though… we rarely ever have any, and I was scrounging the far corners of the freezer just in case…

  • Kimber

    Because to have it on hand, I'd have to have an entire freezer full, like Angie said! I buy two or three boxes for FHE but they are always gone the next day or two. Not something I can keep on hand for very long! Same goes for fruit juice–I just don't buy it at all!

  • Karen

    Ahhh, that explains it! That's how my kids were with dill pickles. So I just stopped buying them lol!

  • P.S.

    awe. I feel for the "older" siblings. must suck being stuck in a "day care" during their holiday break. I am sure you have fun "older" stuff planned for them. It's tough. When I tended an extra little one all year,during the summer I tended her older sister. (and all of mine were little) I felt bad for her. She did the art and our snacks. I think she read every picture book I had. And she tried to "play" with my little ones. at least it sounds like you have more than one "older" and they can play together.

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