240 Pencils and a Package of Post-its

The town of Moses Lake has built a new school. Something to do with massive overcrowding–classrooms set up in hallways and storage closets; concerts staged on the playground for lack of a gymnasium large enough to hold all the students let alone an audience. You get the picture.

One new elementary school isn't going to do much to alleviate overcrowding and they stuck it out in the middle of nowhere but we'll take what we can get. 
Oddly enough, we find ourselves within the new boundaries–it's going to be quite a bus ride out around to the other side of the lake but hey–new school, right? I'm not complaining. For one thing, the principal actually answered an email from a lowly parent like me–usually I have trouble just contacting a teacher but the only info I could find about a real human being out there was an email for the head-honcho herself so I gave it a go, and she answered the same day. So Kudos to Ms. Noreen Thomas for that. AND I'm actually a little bit impressed with the new school supply lists. Looks like they've whittled them down from last year. Okay, so I have to buy a collective 240 pencils just for my youngest three children, but only three erasers. Last year they wanted four each and a grand conglomeration of bizarre items like coffee filters, sewing supplies and shoe laces. Not to mention 32 dollars for "craft supplies" on top of everything else.
 The list for my youngest three children this year looks like this:

1 – box of 10 broad markers (classic colors)
1 highlighter
1 black Ultra Fine Point Sharpie permanent marker
6 fine point Expo dry erase markers (Blue or Green preferred)
3 Highlighters: yellow, pink, green
5 red pens

3 large pink erasers

3 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons, 1 box of 16 count crayons

2 sets of 12 Crayola colored pencils

1 – box of 24 colored pencils

240  plain, yellow, wood pencils. No colors or décor.

pencil sharpener with a lid for shavings

pencil top erasers
3 pair Fiskars scissors, one blunt, two sharp tipped

A zippered bag for storing supplies

2 – 8 1/2" x 5" plastic school boxes (no zipper)

1- plastic folder with 2 inside pockets (not a binder)
1 pack of writeable dividers
2 – 1" 3-ring black binder (no zipper)
1 – 2" 3-ring white binder with clear overlay pocket (with inside pockets)
$5.00 for film processing, art supplies, miscellaneous items
14 glue sticks

3  medium bottles of Elmer’s glue   
2 packages of wide ruled, loose leaf notebook paper
3 single-subject wide ruled spiral notebooks
4 black bound composition notebooks
6  boxes of Kleenex
1- bottle of 12 oz. hand sanitizer
1 pack of post it/sticky notes
1 12 in./metric ruler

I am also given the option of bringing:    

ziplock baggies (sandwich or gallon size)
antibacterial wipes

paper plates
paper cups, napkins
extra Expo markers
1- bag of candy (individually wrapped, no nuts, no chocolate)
1- box of crackers, pretzels, non-sugar coated cereal, etc. (healthy snacks)
hand sanitizer
disinfectant wipes

I must admit I'm a little perplexed as to the specificity of some items. Because of course requesting a specific color, number of pockets, etc in a binder increases the cost exponentially. Not to mention the likely scenario that all of these specific items here in our one stop shopping town will be sold out before I get there. ALTHOUGH . . . I wonder how many other parents dared actually email the principal and ask about school lists? There may be hope yet.

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10 responses to “240 Pencils and a Package of Post-its

  • P.S.

    The cost to get my kids ready for school- no kidding- is close to what we spend on Christmas. ( And they wonder why we're not taking a vacation this summer!) I am eagerly (read that "anxiously in a bad way") awaiting our school supplies lists too.
    Exciting to have a new school though! Where is it exactly? Do you drive through the dunes to get to it- or all the way through town?

  • Kimber

    All the way through town and then some! Yes it would be shorter to drive through the sand dunes to get there, I think. Out broadway, around the lake, and then off down this narrow little goat trail of a road–so I hear–I haven't been out there yet.

  • P.S.

    woah. How many Elementary schools do you think you will have to drive past to get to school daily?! I can think of at least two- no, three…

  • Kimber

    Hmmmm. I think four? Depends what you mean by drive past. There are definitely five that are closer.

  • Kiwi

    crackers, pretzels, non-sugar coated cereals == healthy snacks? what happen to carrots, fruits and milk?

  • Kimber

    Amen! My first son blew up like a blimp in kindergarten and it took him years to work it off. I swear it was the bowl of snacks I didn't realize the teacher had in the middle of every table, all day. It was ridiculous. In all fairness, there are children who are not fed at home, and so I think she was trying to address that, but it was really a problem. My other children have had teachers with more measured approaches–just a handful of snack at recess or right before a test. When I was a kid, there was no food at school, period. We even had to go home for lunch–totally different world!

  • Lynette

    This list just makes me want to scream "what???" How many boxes of crayons do 3 children need? And bags of candy? When did that become part of the curriculum? And 240 pencils, really? I remember we were given one pencil a month (10 per year) and I was so proud of myself bringing home 7 or 8 pencils at then end of the school year. Is your school one of those that they pool all the supplies together and then pass them out? I think I may go crazy when my kids start school.

  • Kimber

    Exactly–I am supposed to bring 240 pencils precisely because all the supplies are "pooled"—meaning ten percent of us supply the other 90 percent. But hey, who am I to begrudge anyone an education, right? They are pretty cheap. The candy kills me though. And the fact that my kids teachers make them throw away their pencil when it gets shorter than about five inches. It isn't good for "penmanship" to use a short pencil. Right.

  • Lynette

    How did we ever make it through school without candy and short pencils?

  • Kiwi

    when i was in school we have cute pencil "lengtheners". it's just like a long ball pen caps. anyway, i thought it's year 2009… do they still use.. pencils? shouldnt they be using mechnical pencil? the last pencil i use that needs sharpening (besides my eye liner, in which self advancing ones are more and more common) is in my sketching class. i thought that would be the only reason why pencil exist still. i know it would be hard to find but you probably should find your children newspaper pencil, since i don't think your kids' sch is ever going to teach them how to conserve

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