Woof, Woof!

Speaking of a language barrier:

Coming out of Safeway today, I pulled my cart up to the back of my van, and smiled politely at the nice young lady waving at me from the next car over. Blonde, twenty-something, sun-kissed pretty.

"Hello!" she called. 
"Hello," I said, trying to figure out if I knew this exceptionally friendly person. 
And then she started barking. 
Not friendly little happy barks, but all-out, ferocious barking frenzy. The entire time I unloaded my twelve gallons of milk, four quarts of yogurt, three bags of bananas, and two bags of cherries, she hung her head out the passenger side, paws scrabbling at the half-open window, barking.
Hello, I'm familiar with, but how do you respond to . . . barking? 

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