Shrink Wrapped

Lessons learned:

1. Oxycodone is really great stuff–but only the first time you take it. After that, it has no effect. At all.
2. But, after just two doses, if you stop taking it, you get the shakes.
3. Armpit surgery is… well… the pits. Even if the incision is a fraction of the size of the others–that’s the one that’ll make you catch your breath. Who knew?
4. It’s all fun and games until they ask you to remove the shrink wrap, and you realize you should have shaved your entire body before submitting to the knife. Because this:
photo (13)
5. What’s that you say? never heard of surgical shrink wrap? Yeah, well, it’s the thing now.  It’s like… a cross between plastic wrap and superglue.   I’m going to attempt to remove this one today, as I am beginning to lose feeling in my fingers, but I’m hoping the others will loosen up on their own. Maybe after I  take a shower?  I’m allowed to do that in two hours.
Not…  that anyone’s counting.

2 responses to “Shrink Wrapped

  • Flamingo Dancer

    Ooooo maybe after the shower it will lift easily. Hope so, anyway. They don’t send us home with much more than supermarket brand panadol post operative here. I always concentrate on my breathing when in pain, breathe in, breathe out go to a happy place. Think out hitting the people you dislike!

  • Becky


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