A ‘Peace’ of My Mind

Well, hello… . (Don’t I know you?)

I started off this school year madly in love with my students. I walked into the school every day buoyant, and came home energized.  That lasted about six weeks before exhaustion set in. I then limped toward the midpoint of the semester, staying up  so late, so many nights, that on Wednesday, I was actually hallucinating as I tried to post midterm grades. Most bizarre experience of my life.

Life’s been crazy on many fronts, just like yours, probably. I’m working three different jobs, have six children, and am in the midst of working on my doctorate. Duh.

But wait, there’s more.

We’ve had to call a tow truck several times in the last month, and not all for the same car. At one point, we were down to one vehicle for five drivers. Boo-hoo, I know. Something like 93% of the world’s population doesn’t own any car at all.  My own family rarely had private transportation when I was a child. (Then again, our town had public transportation, and I think only one of us ever had a job at any given moment.)

But back to my sob story, such as it is:

Daughter one still isn’t ready to leave for an 18 month stay in Mexico–mostly because I forgot to make the appointments and order all things necessary in time.

She leaves in two weeks.

But. The totaled van is back from the body shop. Son 3 has reattached and replaced the most critical of various missing hoses and clamps that apparently the body shop knows less about than a sixteen year old boy.

 Husband is finally back from an impromptu, two-and-a-half week trip. Impromptu, as in… hang-up-the-phone-and-ask-your-wife-nonchalantly: “Hey, can you drive me to the airport in the morning?”

“The airport? What? Why?”

Because an old high school friend would like you to come over and draw blueprints.

In Abu Dhabi.



It got really weird here this fall. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. One day I even found myself staring at an email, unable to determine if the demands of the situation required that I write “peace” or “piece”.

Maybe I’ll tell you more.


Or maybe you won’t hear from me again until January.

Hard to say.

2 responses to “A ‘Peace’ of My Mind

  • Becky Forsyth

    Ugh! I think it must be in the air! It has been a tough few months, I hear ya girl! For me it’s like my momma always reminds me, one day at a time, if that doesn’t work, take it one minute at a time. Love ya sweetie❌⭕❌

  • Ruth

    We are slowly going crazy 1 2 3 4 5 6 switch, crazy going slowly are we 6 5 4 3 2 1 Maybe they should start grading most of each others work . . . like in my classes (sometimes kind of scary).

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