English Teachers Who Deserve Unprintable Fates

My son’s English teacher is making him write and sing a solo in front of the class this week.

Because a 12 year old boy is not already self-conscious enough as it is?

Because he doesn’t already hate your class passionately enough?

What language standard could you possibly be aiming to meet with this assignment?

This school already forces my son to take choir two quarters a year–where even the choir teacher stops at making them sing duets in front of the class–duets that are written for them.

This is the same man who made my son write an essay about how much he loves dogs–even though he hates dogs. He got a zero for writing about how much he loves cats–because apparently an A student has to love dogs, not cats.

This is the same man who gives him zeros for drawing inferences from a story that aren’t in the answer key, and that I would never have thought of, but are actually quite brilliant.

This is the man who says an assignment is due Friday, but students must start serving detentions on Tuesday if it isn’t done. But if students turn it in early, and he loses it, then it’s the student’s problem, not his. And if you turn it in early, but he decides to add another requirement to it Thursday, then you also get zero.

And now his students have to sing solos?


I hate to be that parent, but I don’t know if I can make it peacefully three more weeks until the end of the semester.

5 responses to “English Teachers Who Deserve Unprintable Fates

  • Angie Thompson

    You NEED to say something. He’s pushing it way too far…

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  • Jayne crook

    I hate to be that parent too. But I did it. When my straight A son who has intelligence far superior to mine (and a 25 on the ACT at age 12) comes home devastated because he was receiving a failing grade in……..wait for it……fantasy football. I had to stifle my laugh as I went to this teacher with concern. After speaking with her I came to the conclusion that she’s got a masters degree in math yet is nowhere near the math department. She’s given the extra classes that don’t matter. But in her mind are important and she needs to make the kids understand that if they don’t have the heading correct on their assignments they will fail. Because its school policy. (In her mind). The even funnier thing about this scenario is that the football statistics part of the assignment had my son hopping desk to desk helping his friends understand. Blasted heading. His grade was changed. After principal intervention. Because yes. I had to go there. The lady was unreasonable. I tried. Fight for your kid. No matter how badly you don’t want to be that parent. I put pride aside and am so glad I did. I feel so bad for your son. Hopefully the singing requirement can be abolished.

  • Jane Payne


  • Alicia

    These are the kinds of teachers to stifle creativity. *shakes head*

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