Stumbling Block

Observations for the fourth of May:

  • You know you’re a good parent when your children use words like “paltry” and “superfluous” in casual text messages home.
  • You may doubt you’re a good parent when you investigate the odd ratio of backpacks to children in your home and realize that one of them has been unemptied for almost an entire year.  That’s right: It’s been hanging around since June of last year.
  • You may also doubt you are a good parent when the pile of items you place directly in the center of your son’s doorway does not act as a gentle hint for him to put them away, but rather becomes part of his landscape… for 19 weeks.  Seriously. He’s still stepping over it.
  • You know the universe is aligned in your favor when your washing machine breaks down 10 days before the warranty expires–and repairs otherwise would have cost $1600.
  • Vinegar does not actually remove hard water deposits from windows. Or Windex. Or CLR. Or any toxic combination of all three. Are there windows that come with the stains built in? Is that a thing?

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