You know that awkward moment when your boss tries to fist bump you and you have no idea what he’s doing? So he has to help you position your fist properly?

Yeah… had one of those weeks. Where I totally deserved the fist bump but at the moment it was offered, my brains had turned to tapioca. Something to do with no sleep, skipping too many meals, eating too much junk, and grading too many assignments at one stretch. While eating junk.

Also, I had recently visited Walmart; that always proves disconcerting.

Me, at the checkout: Do you know where they keep club soda? I couldn’t find it.

Checker: Pretty sure that’s in the shoe department.

Me: Club soda. Like… carbonated water?

Checker. Yep. It’s back with the shoes.

Me: It’s… a beverage.

Checker: Yeah, all the way past the slippers. At the back.

Ridiculous me–looking for it in the grocery section.

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