In Case You Were Wondering

Just in case you were wondering how crowded American schools really are:


Yep: 36 kids in a windowless, one-exit, 20’x25′ room. Temp controls: 89 degrees, or 61–nothing in between. Yes, I actually measured.

3 responses to “In Case You Were Wondering

  • quirkycharm

    It’s not great, I know, but when I went to high school, 35 was the average classroom size and most of our classrooms were what we call demountables in Australia (maybe your trailers? anyway, standalones, with sheeting for walls and ceilings and block mounted.) No airconditioning in summer (regularly over 100 degrees) but they did have ceiling fans. You sweltered in summer and froze in winter.

    I think we were tougher back then or maybe our parents just didn’t think we were worth campaigning for – probably true in my case!

    • kimberlybbert

      You are right! We are spoiled in this generation, aren’t we? Here I am whining about having students’ desks only 4-6 inches apart when thousands of students around the world don’t even have desks–or classrooms, for that matter.

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