Bowing Out

I made this goal in January of not only cooking 5 out of 7 nights a week, but reporting my success here so you could keep me accountable. It felt spectacular to actually do that for almost two months. It felt great to be a mother who cooks–in fact I voiced the opinion at one point that half the battle was actually just deciding to cook–just knowing that not cooking was off the table made my job easier. I didn’t have to decide to cook or not; I just had to decide what to cook.

I realized this week that the cooking is not nearly the stress as the reporting has become–I find myself not blogging simply because I don’t know how to gracefully interweave commentary about dinner into what I really want to write about–and who wants to read posts about just food, really?

So I’m bowing out of the reporting thing (in case you hadn’t already noticed) but I’m still committed to cooking for my family. I may not always be successful each week, but I do know it’s critically important to sit down together in this rushed society we find ourselves in.


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