Dyeing Young and Dinner with Politicians

My hair has reached that not-technically-grey stage, if you know what I mean. Like I can’t actually see any grey hair yet, but over all it just sort of looks… dull. The stylist I consulted on Saturday claims she can see grey.


Still. It’s tempting. Minus the $100+ price tag. I even went to the drug store and stared at home hair dye kits for a while, but chickened out.

Mostly because I needed to be at the Pillar Rock Grill in three hours and I figured a brand-new dye job might not be in my best interest.

Also, I still didn’t have anything to wear that I haven’t worn every other Sunday for the past six months.

At 4 pm, I bought a dress.

At 4:15, I added two inches to the hem.

At 4:25 I got in the shower.

At 5:10, we drove away.

At 5:15 we turned around and went back home for the tickets.

At 5:45 my cheeks were suffering from that forced just-take-the-blasted-picture twitch that develops after smiling for too long.

At 6:15 I was discussing political careers–mine (ha) and theirs–with Doc Hastings, Matt Manweller, and Rob McKenna over dinner.

Which was handy, because at 6:45, I was handed the microphone to introduce them to the crowd, etc.

And wouldn’t you know it–after getting up in front of teenagers every day, I’m no longer rattled by an audience.  I didn’t do my job  perfectly–but I didn’t mortify myself or anyone else, either. Which makes me want to do it again, because I can see so many ways I can do it better next time. It also made me want to get to know the people who elected me. I looked out at that crowd and I truly wanted to know them–I want to know what keeps them up at night, what keeps their hope in democracy alive, and what kind of a world they want for their children.

I have to admit–I didn’t cook dinner for my own children last night. In fact, I’ve only sort of been cooking dinner the last three days–this afternoon, we ate the roast beef right out of the oven.

As in: we carved that beast into roughly 7 equal chunks and everyone ate it however they preferred. I preferred not to make mashed potatoes and gravy; it’s just been one of those weeks. I keep saying it’s going to calm down, but so far it hasn’t and I know that realistically it probably won’t.

3 responses to “Dyeing Young and Dinner with Politicians

  • Aussie Emjay

    My hair now has streaks of grey-white – all right at the front! (of course). I’ve been colouring it myself for years now though the back doesn’t need any – just this w/end when I had it cut the hairdresser mentioned that I don’t have any grey hair at the back. Weird. The first time selecting a colour can be worrisome and not a good idea if you have to leave the house straight afterwards – one needs a “buffer” incase things have to be redone!

  • Jane Payne

    I can’t wait to see where your political career leads you as well! Congratulations on doing the job well. I especially loved reading about your care for the ones in the audience. Nice work, Kimber.

  • kara

    I am embracing my grey and the maturity that comes with it. Personally, I respect people more when their hair matches their face and demeanor. Grey = wisdom in my books 🙂

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