In Danger of Failure

I teach some college classes for BYU online. As part of some kind of technical glitch package, I’m also enrolled as a student in one of my classes this semester. IT assures me it’s just so I can view the course as a test student or some such thing.

I never do the work.


But this means that every time I open my gradebook, and see a list of failing students, my name tops the list.

Does it say something about me that I’m tempted to go back through and do all the assignments just to get my name off the failing list? That it drives me crazy to see that zero next to my name, even though I’m not really in the class and I’m probably the only one who will ever see it?

One response to “In Danger of Failure

  • Ruth

    You better get a psuedo name for that student – I would be scared to death it will show up (like computer things do) for the rest of eternity on a transcript …

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