Ash Wednesday

While I was eating lunch with some Catholic teachers today, the subject of Ash Wednesday naturally arose–which led me to pondering what I could give up for forty days… Which led me to a disturbing conclusion: I really lead a boring life. I don’t have nearly enough options to sacrifice:

  1. Something I drink: alcohol, coffee, tea, soda. I drink water. Can’t really give that up, can I?
  2. Something I eat: I eat pretty healthy already. I’m not sure how much of a sacrifice that would be.
  3. Something I do in my leisure time: Seriously? Like I have leisure time. I don’t watch television. I see about two movies per year. I check Facebook about once every two weeks. I haven’t had time to open a music playlist since… like… August.
  4. Something I wear: I’m already too lazy to accessorize 29 out of 30 days a month, so that’s not a sacrifice. I could give up my blue jeans, I guess, but then I’d have to buy more dress pants, because College Apparel Wednesdays are the only reason my wardrobe makes it through the week. Going shopping doesn’t really seem like a sacrifice, does it?
  5. A hobby. See number 3.
  6. A bad habit: I don’t smoke, chew, or shoot up.  My bad habits are more like not really listening to what my children say to me, forgetting to put the salt in the bread dough, or taking off my socks in the middle of the night and leaving them under the covers. After 20 years, I don’t really think that’s going to change.
  7. Conveniences: My vehicle? Appliances? I’d have to give up my job, too, because  I’d be washing clothes or dishes, or walking all day instead.  Blow-dryer? I would probably have the same hairdo as Hermione in the first Harry Potter movie, and that might be bad for my employment situation as well.
  8. Hot showers? My children take care of that for me most days already, thank you.
  9. Contact lenses: Hmmm. Not a huge sacrifice. I actually kind of like my new glasses.
  10. Sleep? Breathing? The use of my left hand?

You see what I mean? It’s like I’ve already stripped my life of all but the essentials already.


Can I give up cooking, instead?

(FYI: My mother brought us dinner last night, as an early birthday present, and tonight I’m pleading I-don’t-have-to-cook-because-it’s-my-birthday, and we’re having nachos and rice. I think my 2014 goal will be to not make dinner even one time, and see how that turns out. Except for Lent–I’ll make dinner every night next Lent; I must have got things backwards this year.)

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