Knock on Wood

Twenty seven teachers were missing from school Thursday and Friday.

So far, I haven’t contracted anything that’s going around–at least not intensely enough to stay home from work. Instead, I’ve been covering other teachers’ classes during my planning period.


You should see my desk. Mountains of ungraded assignments.

You should see my brain–trying to plan the upcoming month in the back of one’s head while simultaneously teaching another class for which you had no planning whatsoever has got to qualify for some kind of sick mental torture experiment.

I may be going in to work tomorrow morning at 5.

Assuming, you know… that my immune system continues to function in high gear, and I can actually get out of bed.

(I initially spelled the preceding sentence like this:

“Assuming, you know… that my amune system continues to function in high gear, and I can actually get out of bet.”


If good spelling comes as a result of reading lots of words spelled correctly lots of times, then it’s possible English teachers are doomed; we’ll all start spelling like our students. )

Meanwhile, I’m making roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc. It’s sort of an attempt at redemption after frozen pizza yesterday, and frozen chicken strips and vegetables the day before.

Somebody better eat it. All of it; the organization in my fridge is paralleling that of my desk this week. Leftovers ain’t gonna fit.  )Which is how my international students have begun spelling this week. I tried to explain  the ironic tone one would be intending if one wrote this way. I’m not certain they understood. English is ridiculous, no?)

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