Say it Again, Sam

Have I told you lately that I love my job?

How many people are lucky enough to say that, and mean it?

And to top it off,  I got a call today from another university offering me summer employment teaching other teachers how to love their jobs, essentially. Does it get better than that?

Also, have I told you lately that I’ve made tacos for dinner? Because I could swear that I have, a lot. But my kids say no, it’s been ages. So that’s what we had.

I know. You’re super jealous.

One response to “Say it Again, Sam

  • jms

    Dozens of Roses to you, Kimber. It is no surprise that they want your talents to help others be better teachers, to love their jobs, and to love their students. You have always had those gifts and you work hard to benefit others. Glad they recognize them!

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