Fishnet Stockings, Frybread, and a Few Too Many Emails

You know that nightmare where you get to school and you realize you aren’t wearing any bottoms? Like… you put on your nylons, but you forgot the skirt? And your shirt just barely covers your hipbones, so it’s super embarrassing, no matter how hard you tug at the hem of it?

I passed two girls in the hall at school today who brought that nightmare to life.

By choice.

Because apparently nylons now qualify as stand-alone items of clothing. Fishnet ones, no less.

Emphasis on less.

Maybe that explains why I’m feeling the urge to get all old-fashioned tonight; I’m making bread and we’re having frybread for dinner.

Come on; it’s been like… almost a month. Ish.

And the boys all came in and ate nachos and leftover chili from last night, anyway, so, yes,  there was protein involved.

I would upload a picture from my phone–of my daughter (who has come home from college this weekend because she needs what? Yes, you guessed it, all of it, I know you did) eating a 12-incher but then I’d have to go find it, and instead I need to stay right here until I deal with the 72 emails that I probably shouldn’t just delete flat out. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

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