Making Pork’s Acquaintance

Can I just say that I love my classes this semester?  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise–this generation is an incredible one. They face so many challenges, but they seem to be built for it. I walk out of every class wiser than I was before I went into it and listened to my students think and speak. My mind is racing and I’m already looking forward to the next day. They make me laugh and think and want to be more than I am.

Also, I kind of feel like I’ve been run over by a bus. Wiped. Out. So I am going to sum up dinner with one photo, and a quote, from son #5:  “I think I just met my new favorite meat.”

My first try at pork chops (boneless, seared, with mushrooms and onions, then simmered in peach-mango salsa, served with rice and lemon pepper):

photo (31)






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