Hypothermia, Part II

Is it ironic that I stayed later today at school than any day previously–and it was a holiday?

Honestly, I might still be there, but the copy machine ran out of toner. Poor Sucker who thinks they are going to get their copying done early tomorrow, I’m sorry; I really have no idea where the replacement toner is kept.

Also, mild hypothermia was beginning to set in. Apparently, while they do leave the lights on at all times, they do not leave the heater running when school is not in session.

I came home and we had breakfast for dinner again. French toast and oranges and… chocolate ice cream. Come on–it’s Monday. Family night and all that. And I’ve been at work all day, on a holiday. Chocolate is thus a food group. Also, it was located next to the milk, bread, bananas and eggs, in the grocery store, so it counts.


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