Today I borrowed my son’s new (to him) truck.

I drove it one mile before I found myself stranded.

I swear to you, it was not my driving.

Freakish bit of mechanical failure, that.

Quick call to son to come to the rescue, another call to mechanically minded brother, a bit of crawling around on one’s back under the engine (one’s son’s back, mind you) and all is once again well. He drove his truck home and I was restored to my blessedly reliable minivan. Which, by the way, I drove all over town today, rounding up paperwork for not one, but TWO new jobs.

That’s right. Five months of uncertainty and unemployment agony, and now, within the space of five days, I’ve had two job offers: teaching English full time at the high school, and also, a part-time gig teaching online math/ESL for BYU-Idaho.

The best part is that the high school position comes through with my first paycheck the very same day our annual property tax is due, and the BYU one will arrive in the nick of time to cover our annual auto/home owner’s insurance premiums the month before that. Neither of which I had any idea how to pay less than a week ago.

God hears and answers. He proves it again and again.

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