Amazing People Part I

I just got off the phone with my home/auto insurance agent–and I realized that every time I get off the phone with her or come out of her office, I’m a little bit happier. She’s just a really great person to deal with. She recognizes me instantly and knows all the little details about my home and cars and life that I don’t even know without looking up myself.

She always saves me time and money–even when it probably puts less in her pocket. Seriously. Sometimes she talks me out of more expensive insurance. What insurance agent does that?

Anyway,  I wondered if anyone ever told her she is amazing. So now I am. Debra Graser, Allstate agent extraordinaire, you are not only the best insurance agent I’ve ever worked with, I just really like you as a person.

Then I got to thinking about other people I’ve maybe never really said thank you to, and the list got incredibly long.  I think it’s time I said thank you to more of them.

Point being, I feel a series of posts coming on… I hope none of the people I have in mind will object to being mentioned here, in the next few weeks. I promise I won’t post (very many) obnoxious pictures of you. 🙂

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