300 Brownies and a Good Neighbor

I’ve never been all that enamored of the “it takes a village to raise a child” broohah. In my experience with daycare and in the schools and with all the various social programs available in our state, it takes something more fundamental to raise a child–it takes a family. One who hasn’t bought into the idea that it’s really the village’s fault if their children don’t turn out terribly well.

Having said that, however, villages are made up of families and I’d like to thank all the villagers who help me raise mine. Today, particularly, I’m thanking Jane Payne, and her husband Calvin.

My sons have been at scout camp all week along with something like 2500 other boys, and the Paynes kept them fed. I knew Jane was an incredibly dedicated teacher; two of my children have been in her classroom, and I’m sending a third her way this year. I didn’t know she was also a chef extraordinaire. (Although I’ve heard rumors about her brownies in the past.) You can get a small inkling of what their job was like this past week, here.

(Oh, and did I mention they didn’t get paid??)

2 responses to “300 Brownies and a Good Neighbor

  • Jane Payne

    Oh my goodness Kimber! What a kind thing to say. Thank you. You have such incredible kids. I missed your oldest son at camp, but was excited to meet the next one in line.

    Please don’t be too impressed as the brownies were one gooey mess when we got up there. I don’t know which I felt sicker about, wasting all the brownie ingredients, tin pans, and time spent making them, or taking the risk of going without serving dessert one night. I asked one of the men who was driving in to the closest town if he’d bring back some Hershey’s cocoa, 1/2 and 1/2, and six tubs of ice cream. I hoped I could make chocolate sauce from memory and guess work and then we’d pretend they were like those desserts you get in restaurants made of undercooked cookie dough, ice cream, and hot fudge sauce. ( I kept thinking of the old woman who swallowed the fly and then swallowed the spider to catch the fly, then swallowed the bird to catch the spider to catch the fly that the old woman swallowed, then swallowed the cat . . . . etc.)

    Again, thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad to be sharing the same village.

    • kimberlybbert

      Oh no! That’s horrible! I’d have been sick too–but leave it to you to get creative and salvage things! Yes, Joey is inexplicably old enough to have a job now. I’m not sure how that happened–but he sure is learning alot, and I think starting to appreciate free time–he actually admitted to looking forward to school starting again, which is a real first for him. He’s been working crazy hours for Basin; some days he’ll leave at 5am and not get home until after 9 at night. He’s liking the paycheck though–bought a truck so he can do Running Start like Meg did, and hoping to earn enough to pay for gas this school year.

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