A Cosmic Message About… Goats?

Me, as I began mowing my lawn: Look at that grass by the house and the fence. I really should get some kind of weedwhacker thing so I don’t have to use scissors again. And what’s with those bare spots? Should I be fertilizing?  And that tree, why in the world haven’t I…STOP. Just stop. Stop whining. Stop criticizing. Just feel good about the fact that you are outside mowing your lawn. And that you don’t have to do THAT with scissors. 

And I relaxed my shoulders and I felt really quite good about myself for counting my blessings (lawn mower, sprinkler system, thriving vegetable garden…) instead of focusing on what I lacked.

I got to the edge of the yard, and then I turned that mower on a dime, and I started back across.

And then the mower made a strange, horrific sound.

And lurched to a stop.

I looked in the gas tank and in the oil pan.

They were both smoking.

A lot.

Maybe if I wait a couple days, and try it again, it will magically begin working.

Maybe I should sharpen my garden scissors.

Get a goat?


6 responses to “A Cosmic Message About… Goats?

  • psphoenix

    Maybe you should ask a neighbor if you could borrow their riding lawnmower. I can imagine you have several in the neighborhood- in exchange for say…. some pumpkins

  • Viki Anderson

    So glad you are posting again!! Had to giggle about the pumpkins- my boys would so do the same thing. By the way, if you want a goat, I have some for sale!! 😉

    • kimberlybbert

      Vicky–do NOT tell my nine year old that. I told him last spring he could have a goat if he studied up on them really well. Maybe. Hoping he’d forget. He checked 11 books on goat raising out of the library…. (What kind are they, btw?)

  • Ruth

    LOL – I suppose you COULD get a goat – you have boys to raise … goats are character building.

  • kimkiminy

    Oh dear. Maybe you hit a rock or a sprinkler head?

    • kimberlybbert

      Ha. I wish! No, I was on a very barren hillside, not quite into the real lawn yet. No rocks or sticks or sprinkler heads (which explains the dry, dusty landscape…) But someone might have some other time–it looks like the oil pan was cracked, which meant no oil, which meant the motor is completely shot.

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