Mothers and Masters

Sitting in church on Mother’s day, listening to the speaker–a mother, naturally. She says something about how when her kids come home from other people’s houses they have these stories about elaborate crafts and fancy birthday cakes, etc, etc, and how she really doesn’t do any of that stuff.

My nine-year-old turns to me and his eyes are enormous. He says, “MOM! She’s like you!”

The poor deluded child thought he was the only one in the world shortchanged in the mother department.

My sister is one of those other mothers. You know the ones. The over-the-top, incredibly crafty, talented women. She’s interior designer, artist, photographer, hyper energetic, all that and more.

I have been known to put candles in carton of ice cream and call it a birthday party.

But I’m okay with that. Something about being closer to forty than thirty maybe, inclines you to make peace with yourself. My kids will get different things from me than hers will from her, and they’ll all probably survive.

If nothing else, I do hope mine come away from their childhood with an appreciation of what effort can do. I see it more and more in the schools–a disconnect in the brains of our youth between effort and achievement. I want, more than anything, to see my kids grow up understanding that all that lies between them and a wonderful life are their own choices.

I agreed to sub for an “elementary school PE teacher” today. The electronic job description didn’t mention that this particular elementary teacher also teaches three classes over at the middle/high school.  Sixty minutes in a weightlifting room with 40+ boys, only three of whom actually lift weights. The teacher’s instructions: “Don’t worry about them doing anything. They just take this class so they can mess around with their cell phones.”

Apparently this is acceptable. It makes me absolutely crazy to see how many students sit around in one holding pen after the next, just waiting for the bell to ring. This is not education. But that was the subject of my thesis. What I really meant to do here was to post a picture, especially for those of you who inspired me to go back to school two years ago and earn my master’s degree. Two master’s degrees, in fact, and a third just one thesis shy of completion:

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