Mama Bear


But not speechless. I’ve got so many words bouncing off the the back of my teeth, my head is pounding.

I’m trying to deep breathe.

Because I got a call today from a pleasant-sounding young man who introduced himself as some sort of recruiter. I wasn’t really paying attention; I was busy.

He wanted to know if my seventeen year old daughter had plans for the future.

I said she did.

He wanted to know what those plans were.

I declined to tell him. I asked him to clarify his identity. He introduced himself again, as the army recruiter for our area.

I still declined to divulge my daughter’s plans to him. He kept talking. I told him, politely, that we were not interested, expressed my thanks and I hung up.

He immediately called back. I know, because I have caller ID, and there it was–the local number, and the words, “United States Gov”.

I didn’t answer.

He blocked the number/name, and called back.


I finally answered.

He chewed me out for my unprofessional behavior, and made thinly veiled threats about people who dare to hang up on him.

And then hung up on me.


Are you KIDDING?? You called a CIVILIAN RESIDENCE. You are not talking to a professional–you are talking to the MOTHER OF A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!  WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS WHAT MY DAUGHTER’S PLANS FOR THE FUTURE ARE!!!!???

My husband doesn’t think I should go down there and wring that  man’s neck. He thinks that’s exactly what the army wants. That they are baiting me. I think I will wait until the drumbeat in my head slows, but then somebody is going to hear about his. Lots of somebodies. You don’t harass me in my own home. Not today.

How is this possible in a free country? How does a person like that wear the uniform of our “protectors”?


2 responses to “Mama Bear

  • kimkiminy

    WOW. That’s totally unacceptable. I had the same thing happen to me once, but it was just a telemarketer I’d hung up on. Boy, was she mad. Left multiple, threatening, profanity-laced messages on my machine.

    Forget confronting the recruiter. Go straight to his commander.

    (And just to offer a bit of perspective, those guys are under tremendous, crushing pressure to meet quotas. Not that that’s any kind of excuse, but there it is.)

  • Flamingo Dancer

    I watched a doco about how the USA army targets young people and their families. They are indeed very aggressive, and they do work to wear the parents and kids down. Bullies all the way.

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