First week of co-teaching. I have to tell you that it feels… right.

I have been blessed with a co-teacher who has her class running like clockwork. These kids are astoundingly cooperative. Her teaching style reminds me of my mother’s–if any of you have seen my mother teach Sunday school, you know that is a good thing. In any case, we get along very well. I have never met someone and felt so immediately at ease. We work well together.

On day one, I observed and took notes. I was impressed with her classroom management, and yet after five periods of  watching the exact same thing, I found myself nodding off.

I think she noticed. On day two, she asked if I’d like to take over the second half hour of each class.

Today I taught the first half hour of each class, and she took the students to the library the second half hour. The day literally flew by, and I’m looking forward to Monday. It’s like my whole life has been brought into focus. My day before and after school runs like clockwork, too. It’s bizarre.

Have I ever had a job that felt this right?


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