My computer came back from the black hole at HP repair. Just in time for a new year and a new experience at Frontier Middle School, teaching language arts to sixth graders.

Until then I’m fidgety. Unable to settle down an accomplish anything. Last week I had my sis-in-law’s kitchen to tile–there were people waiting on me, brother-in-laws to not tick off. This week? Meh. No motivation. I get on the treadmill. I get in the shower. I load the dishwasher when nothing else will fit in the sink. I eat a lot of calorie-dense foods and occasionally I pick up stray objects and put them away. Mostly I just step over them. Thread my way through the six-kids-home-on-a-two-week-vacation chaos.  I eye all the unfinished projects I started weeks ago. It occurs to me that if a natural or man-made disaster struck and destroyed said projects I would feel nothing but relief.

So why don’t I just get rid of them?

Blasted garbage can is full.

Maybe I’ll go eat some peanuts and wander around looking for ways to annoy my children.

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