Friday: Need I Say More?

Let me just admit that I don’t have the widest ranging professional wardrobe, yet.

I did, after all, come into this profession after something like 17 years of wiping up snot and other leaky bodily fluids.

But that’s the great thing about subbing, see: I can wear the same thing every day if I sub in a different classroom, or building. Not even the most observant little children are going to pause on their way past me at the door, narrow their eyes, and say… Hey… isn’t that the same shirt you wore yesterday?

Not that, in the grand scheme of things, wardrobe really matters. I mean, unless you are the prime minister of Canada. (Then again, maybe he’s on to something there.)

Funny thing is, as I was looking through my daughter’s closet this morning, I used this reasoning: Hmm. Yes, I wore this Monday to sub for Social Studies, but since then, I’ve never even made it out of the locker room/gym until it’s time to put on my coat and go home… So. None of these sharp-eyed teens are going to notice.


I even wore the same necklace.

And wouldn’t you know it? First thing I got asked to do upon entering the office this morning was to fill in for the same Social Studies class I subbed in on Monday, today, during my prep period for gym.

And yes, they noticed. My daughter has excellent taste–her slightly younger peers admire her wardrobe, even if I wear certain ensembles twice in one week. (Not that I would raid her closet/necklace rack while she’s out of town for ten days.)

Then again, these students also tell me, several times a day, that I have beautiful eyes–and since nobody has ever pointed this out to me in the previous three decades+ of my conscious memory–there is a distinct possibility that their flattery has ulterior motives.

Which, in the interests of my own self esteem, I will choose to ignore.

I have, after all, made it through an enter week of middle school. Now I just have to send out my Christmas cards… or, alternatively–and much more efficient–simply tuck them away, out of sight, with the ones from last year…

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