First day subbing at MLHS. Remedial English for Frenshmen and Seniors.

Way. Better. Than. Elementary.

Or maybe just better than the other district I was subbing in?

Why does everyone get hysterical and warn me away from teaching high school?

Maybe I just had a charmed first experience; I’ll be back tomorrow for another day, same students, same classes, so we’ll see.

2 responses to “Charmed

  • Flamingo Dancer

    High School can be fun as the students like to laugh and have a joke like adults. Beware the 14 year old boy though – hormones make then impossible! Enjoy!

  • Ruth

    maybe you are related to me … and Ginger … I ALWAYS have enjoyed that age of students. Uncle Rex on the other hand refused to teach them – at all – he became a University professor …

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