I keep writing posts and leaving them in my “drafts” folder.

What does that mean?

Never mind. Don’t answer that.

In summary, I suppose, and in lieu of actually publishing them all:

This past month I

  1. Reached a sort of surreal milestone marking the day I have been married for more days of my life than I have not been married.
  2. Quit my job. But you know all about that.
  3. Agreed to work elsewhere for $650 a month. Before withholdings.  (What?! Did I also reach the milestone at which one does really, really, really stupid things?) It had really good hours. It’s the only item I have in my defense.
  4. Quit that job–after about two weeks of training and preparation and a grand total of about one hour actually on the job and an accumulation of $0 in wages. That’s a post in and of itself. That I probably will never post. Let’s just say that I feel like I have narrowly escaped the very jaws of Hell.
  5. Ran five miles. All at one go. Me. Yes, it took me an hour and six minutes. But I did it. And survived.
  6. Was outgrown by yet another child. Not to mention that I also became the mother of a 6′ tall 15 year old. (Clarification: I was always his mother; he was never this tall.)
  7. Speaking of really tall children, in consequence of #2, reached another, even more surreal milestone at which my 5’11” 16 year old makes more money than I do. And has a significantly healthier bank account.
  8. Pondered long over the question of whether or not to call certain of my children out on behaviors that are in no way against any of our rules, but which they clearly do not want me to know about. I don’t want to bring it up, because I don’t want them to lie to me. And I’m pretty sure they will. Because they  already have… without… technically… lying.
  9. Got my emergency teaching certificate for Warden School District.
  10. Realized that no matter what job I do or do not have, what classes I am or am not taking, I will never reach that nebulous point in the future when “everything will settle down”. Because that’s not who I am. Apparently. There is not enough space in twenty lifetimes to do everything I think I ought/want/need to do.
  11. Began the most insane class ever designed to sink a student. Ever. Unbelievable. This man is either brilliant or insane. Or both. And clearly OCD. EVERY assignment (of which there are many every week) must include a cover sheet. And not just any cover sheet. His wife slipped us a sample one the other night and recommended we use a ruler and some detective skills and figure out how to design one that looks exactly  like it.
  12. Read my first Louis L’Amour novel ever. Because someone gave my boys every book ever written. It was actually… pretty good.
  13. Quit checking my email. I used to keep on top of my inbox–it was the primary way I communicated with parents and the DEL and the USDA, etc. An email didn’t come in but what I deleted or dealt with it within an hour or so. Now days go by and emails pile up and I dread opening my inbox.
  14. Sold a lot of things on Craiglist and ebay. Ergo, I still have internet access to write this. Would you believe that somebody was willing to buy the movie “Condorman” for $20? I don’t even know where that movie came from, but we had it. Maybe I should have watched it first. It must be stellar.
  15. Have archived this post no less than 6 times thinking I would get back to wrapping it up in a quasi-meaningful way and publishing it.
  16. Am going to hit publish… right… now…

6 responses to “Milestones

  • Mandy

    Condorman is stellar! Super cheese, and super funny. We loved to watch it all the time as kids. That being said, I wouldn’t pay $20 for it.

  • psphoenix

    narrowly escaped the jaws of hell…. wow. sends chills.
    Number 10 is amazing. So true for all of us. But I hope the realization will help you be able to focus clearer on your main drives.
    When life comes at me like a freight train, it helps when I write it all down. (and save as drafts)
    I wish you the best of luck!

  • kimkiminy

    Glad you did. Good to hear the update!

  • Freedom Smith

    Wow, you did a lot in the last few months! Glad you stopped that job before it started cause it sounds bad. Your kids are growing, aren’t they. I am glad you were able to sell stuff. What is your plan now, for a job? I hope that things work out the way you feel is the best for your family. Please keep us in the loop so we know you are still there 🙂 Miss you when you dont post.

  • Flamingo Dancer

    I don’t think life ever settles down, and we would probably not enjoy it if it did! Enjoy the ride, I say.

  • ladywise

    I am so glad to hear from you no matter what you write! You are absolutely hilarious even when I don’t think you are really trying to be. It’s difficult to say the least when our children outgrow us, let alone their bank accounts do. geeeezzz! And congratulations on the anniversary!

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