This week:

  • Two finals I feel woefully unprepared to write.
  • One presentation I haven’t even looked at the rubric for, let alone downloaded the actual assignment.
  • Teach son to drive so I don’t have to pay yet another $40 for the third attempt at Drive #1. Or the other five drives. (How do I know they aren’t failing him, just so I have to pay another $40, every time they test him? Hmmm? Bad, bad system.)
  • Clean out fallout zone in my laundry room/kids dressers. Again. I’m thinking two outfits/child. One to wear, one to wash. Burn the rest?
  • Etc.

Next week:

  • Major field research project due.
  • Definitely something else in… that other class which ends that week, and I haven’t done a single thing for. As in, not even cracked the syllabus enough to know what’s due. But definitely something, but most likely things.
  • Plant a garden so we don’t starve.
  • Etc.

Chances I will steal candy from somebody’s easter basket today in a desperate search for inspiration/reasons for procrastination even though I am absolutely not supposed to eat sugar or processed foods:

  • 100 percent.

Chances I will blog again before May 9th:

  • Somewhere around zero.

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