Elijah Frosting

You know that last bit of frosting that’s left in the can after you cover the cake? Too much to in good conscience throw away? At least not until after you have stored it in the fridge for a couple of weeks, right?

That little quirk of unbalanced cake-to-covering ratio proved to be fortuitous today. We’re talking, an Elijah can of frosting, people. It was amazing.

Because I had to take cupcakes to pack meeting. In less than an hour. Two dozen of them. In between work (and no, contrary to what you might think, you cannot make cupcakes while at work, even if you have a workplace like mine, unless you do not have toddlers at your work, as I do at mine) filling my tutoring assignments, the baseball game (Which we won with a grand slam, bottom of the ninth, and yes, thank you, I do know what a grand slam is. Now.) and the million other things that had me wanting to pull my hair out today. Make, cool, frost cupcakes. Sprinkles, too, thank you.

Which we all know is not that difficult, thanks to Betty Crocker. The difficult part is making them look edible. So that your children are not embarrassed to be seen carrying them in.

So as I was standing there, weighing my choices (run away to Malaysia/take naked, almost cool cupcakes/whip up some frosting and be late/etc, etc) I had this thought–oh, ye of little faith; maybe… maybe there’s a can leftover in the fridge? And literally, by some miracle, there was. Ha, and like most miracles in life, upon close examination, I discovered that the thing was also almost empty.

I peered into that can and thought no way is this going to cover six of them… but maybe if I frost them really, really thin? Lots of sprinkles?

But then the Elijah factor kicked in, and it covered every last cupcake.  No kidding. Right to the edges. Who says that the day of miracles has ceased? Pshaw.


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