On Quiting My Job… and Other Things

Went to my son’s last soccer game of the season this weekend. For which I had to not only hand wash his uniform, but remove the water therefrom with my hair dryer. In addition to some help from the cranked up heat vents in the van, because it wasn’t quite dry before we had to leave.

And took child #2 out for his first hour and a half of driving.

I totally deserve mother of the year, just for that. (Do I really have to do this five more times? Forget about the cost of a college education, people: if you’re weighing the pros and cons of giving birth to actual people, you should consider that in a civilized country, you are going to have to teach them how to drive. Every one of them.)

In other, but possibly related news, I officially quit my second job about a week ago. I wrote my resignation out a week before that, and my cursor hovered over the send button a full ten minutes before I saved the email in draft mode. And then I agonized over it for another week. In the end, I sent it anyway.

And felt like a new person. Gleeful even. For about six hours. Because with the click of a button I had just erased something like twenty five deadlines and immeasurable headache. Not to mention a considerable amount of simmering fury.

And then serious ugh hit. Which surprised me; I didn’t realize how much I rely on super-pressure as motivation to get things done.

I got over it in a day or two.

I might have to cancel the phone, the internet, and the car insurance for the summer, but it feels right.

We could totally go au naturel. All eight of us. Sweat out a Moses Lake summer with nothing but paper fans to cool us, and eat oatmeal and wait… let me check… irregular peaches in heavy syrup bought in that really cheap case lot sale last fall.

Can you just see me herding my six children, five of them in their suits and ties, down Potato Hill Road every Sunday on the way to church? Come on…. it doesn’t get above 110 degrees here. Very often. And it would be so character building.

(Remember walking to church in Portland? It was fun… you’ll back me up on this, right?)

Kidding, my dear sweet children, if you are reading this. You know I wouldn’t make you do that. For very long. And besides, we have those Rice Chex and the green beans and there are those boxes of apples we could make into sauce, should they get very much mushier.

Why doesn’t my blog have a selection of emoticons to place here?

I was going to put a big yellow smiley face.

So very disappointed.

Now I need a frowny one…


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