You Know It’s True

If you give a kid 528+ square feet  to play in:

Chances are, they’ll set up shop as close to the busiest part of that room as is humanly possible:

3 responses to “You Know It’s True

  • kimkiminy

    It’s the same way with cats. A cat will get up and run across the room just in time to be underfoot at precisely the most inconvenient moment. It’s one of their super-powers.

    • kimberlybbert

      We had a cat that loved to weave around our feet whenever we were carrying anything into/out of the house. Coulda killed that thing–and not necessarily on purpose; she was just always underfoot.

  • Nena

    lol right in front of the door! Funny thing is they won’t understand why you have to use that door! I saw the same thing last weekend at my house! with the front door no less!

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