And: The Mentality Behind a Tanking Economy

I know, I claimed the high ground yesterday; I was anti-epithetical and serene about my country. But then, while scanning radio stations on my stereo I heard griping on all the talk shows about budget cuts, and then a stellar ad for a local restaurant, and if it doesn’t sum up our budget woes, I don’t know what else does:

A chipper voice is spouting ecstasies about the menu down at a local restaurant. And then she adds, “And hey! If in this economy eating out no longer fits into your budget, you can order anything on our menu as take-out!”


‘Cause then you don’t have to pay a tip, right? Is that where the savings come in?

Is this what they are doing with the budget in Olympia and DC? Ordering take-out instead of dining in? Whatever happened to cooking up a batch of oatmeal or maybe a pot of beans?  And on special occasions you splurge on slightly overripe bananas. Any college kid could have told you that.

Or maybe they couldn’t; maybe that mentality is a thing of the past.  Maybe too many of us have been spoiled by prosperity for too long and we think we’re all entitled to take-out, at the very least.


Break out the Top Ramen, people.


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