Flashback Friday in Photos

In honor of flashback Friday, this week we turn to the photographic record–which (thanks to fire that consumed two different childhood homes) is pretty sparse.  I apologize in advance for the image quality. They are copies of copies of, etc.  But I did find irrefutable proof I existed in miniature (and bald) form:

Frequently in blue:

Also proof that my bad hair days started at a young age:

As did wardrobe malfunctions:

And that I really was, for a time, an alien:

And did I ever mention that I wore REALLY big glasses (not to mention ’90’s hair in all it’s glory):

It took me until 10th grade to realize that I could safely navigate my way to the photographer’s chair without my spectacles, and thereby avoid the entire issue. Apparently I also discovered lipstick:

That’s pretty much it, until I got married. A few snapshots here and there (cameras weren’t a common possession then, like they are now) none of which I have the umph to go find at the moment.

I’ve been told twice now in two weeks that my daughter and I look like twins. I think it’s just that we have similar bone structure, and long hair. Some day I’ll have to post a m/d picture and let you be the judge. PSPheonix did a few days ago, and it brought tears to my eyes, they were so beautiful. As for now, enough procrastinating the real labors of the day…

7 responses to “Flashback Friday in Photos

  • mlmomof3

    What CUTE pictures…YES you and your daughter look so much alike!! WOW!

  • Mandy K Court

    These pictures take me back to our childhood.

  • Nena

    Rotfl…. Okay I’m not going to lie I am totally laughing right now! (I’m her sister I can) I love how you went from (3rd Picture down) Super curly hair afro girl to the 4th picture- Short flat hair… What the ? And While we are on that 4th picture… What are you wearing?
    I must say though… Yes you were the pretty one in High school… I idolized you for it.

    • kimberlybbert

      I believe the afro was Becky or Bonnie’s idea–they used perm rods. And the next picture–you don’t remember that? That was post-Provo… you remember what they did to us? Oh, wait, you were the cute kid, so they didn’t shave you like the rest of us, that’s right. The outfit I think they bought at a circus surplus depot. If I remember right it was a present from my Grandma Nemeth. You’re jealous, I know.

  • Alicia

    You were so cute as a kid!! And I love the curly hair, so your bad hair days didn’t start as soon as you think. 😉

  • Nena

    from Hendrix- I love you and very much miss you auntie Kimber and even I very much need you and come visit me. kisses

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