Here Comes The Sun!


Some step-by-step directions for taking full advantage of the first warm(ish) day of the year with toddlers:

1. Line ’em up:

2. Pile ’em up:

3. Stay out of the way:

4. Feed ’em before they pass out:

5. Take a good long listen: Do you hear that?

Yeah, me neither.

(Insert big, sun-drenched, grinning emoticon.)


2 responses to “Here Comes The Sun!

  • ladywise

    Oh Kimber that is adorable! Too bad you don’t live in a climate that has warmer weather every day. I’m sure the day goes by faster when they can be outside!

    I remember when Christopher was little, he used to get up in the mornings and go get his jacket and cowboy boots and put them on over his pajamas and stand at the door and cry, “Outside mamma, outside!”

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