Fiesta Is Officially Over, Buddy

Speaking of taking things easy, I found this in the backpack of my youngest child the other night:

“Please Study” is right! Obviously the kid didn’t even look at his spelling words. Forget the atrocious handwriting, if he’d looked at the words even once, he’d have known that most of them ended the same way. There were also several untouched homework packets in there and a couple notes from who-knows-when.

I sat there at my kitchen table, staring at the tangible evidence of parenting gone all wrong and wanted to weep. Mostly because I don’t know where all that time went. It feels like he brings home a new packet every other day and here it’s been a good month since he returned even one. I emailed his teacher and it turns out he’s been missing class celebrations and all sorts of things at school because of this. Which, let me point out, I agree with. But still, I can’t imagine how humiliating that must feel–to be the kid kept in at recess, or missing out on the party or getting back a spelling test in which you spelled three words right!! I’d have wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Somebody’s after-school social schedule is about to become severely restricted.

2 responses to “Fiesta Is Officially Over, Buddy

  • ladywise

    Oh, I started out with this same thing with Felicia when she moved in, the atrocious handwriting the horrible spelling. We work diligently every week on spelling and handwriting and she is now getting A’s in spelling every week. The handwriting still needs work but it is starting to improve.

    You aren’t perfect Kimber. You are going to miss something every now and then and it’s forgivable. Give yourself a break, you do more in one day than most people do in two weeks!

  • Ruth

    ahhahahahaha – life caught up to him (and to you too apparently) it happens to all of us – it always does. I must admit that lately I keep wondering what I am neglecting – if anything – just trying to be proactive you know!?! I used to keep lists and notebooks and methodically move through an overview of every area scrutinizing them the way one cleans their house or garden – everyday a new room/area preventing the dust bunnies,rooting out habits or pervasive weeds before they get too much of a toehold, and trying to find the holes in the dike before the dam could leak. I admit to being pretty mindless now but still aware of things that come back to bite. Lift those corners girl, and cut yourself some slack. You are going at break neck speed right now and carrying a huge load. Don’t wear yourself out and especially never beat yourself up with hindsight!

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