Jaidon Hop-a-long Lybbert

Up next, this third Saturday Spotlight of the new  year, we have Jaidon–although, we’ve taken to calling him Hop-a-long because he can hop around on one leg pretty much faster than you or I can walk.

It all started out with a snowstorm and a couple really cool sleds the day after Thanksgiving (just as I was headed out the door to do go Christmas shopping, too. And yes, I totally blame him for my Christmas eve panic-shopping binge):

If you’ve ever had a kid build a sledding “jump” and try to launch himself over a large pit while travelling at a high velocity–and not… quite… make it… over said pit, you’ll know what this means:

That’s right, we had to cut it off. He spent the next three weeks flat on his back in his corner behind the Christmas tree in a full-length cast, doing homework, reading dozens of books, and, well, getting really greasy hair because it was nearly impossible to take a shower:

He finally got a new cast, just in time for Christmas morning, that he could sit up in and swing around easier. This was him, about an hour ago, notice the blue cast on his left foot still:

He looks eerily like my older brother here; I’ve never noticed that resemblance before. And no, I don’t usually cut hair in my nylons, nor do I typically wear them under my jeans;  it’s been a crazy day of costume changes and tasks piling up and running over into each other. He wanted a haircut at 8 pm, and who am I to argue? He’s hoping to get this last cast off on Tuesday, or at least before his left leg withers into nothing.

Jaidon is my silent, intense kid. He has always been one of strong emotion and once he grew up a bit, he stopped expressing his strong emotions quite so frequently and instead sort of simmers in the background at times. As a toddler, he was intensely happy, and intensely angry, rarely in between. He’s also fiercely competitive and the size of his opponent doesn’t seem to matter. This was him, about three years ago sneaking up on his brother:

He’s also tenderhearted and kind:

I don’t know if you can see the scar over his right eye in this picture–it was taken a couple years ago not long after yet another trip to the ER with him. He’d ridden down Grandma’s driveway just a little too fast and split his head open. This was back when I was babysitting round the clock. I had to take two kids with me to the ER, besides the profusely bleeding one. Egad. What a day.

None of my other kids have been in so many fixes as Jaidon. I think he’s naturally brave and physically very strong and this makes him a little more fearless than the other kids. In a way, I was grateful for the broken leg this winter; I’m hoping he will remember what a long recovery just one shattered bone required, and maybe the experience will lead him to stop and think in the future. I’d rather him learn that lesson now than when he’s twenty-one and thinking about diving off a cliff or something. Hopefully.

All I can say, is he was a lot easier to keep safe when he was this old:

3 responses to “Jaidon Hop-a-long Lybbert

  • ladywise

    Wow. You look totally different than the picture I have in my mind of you, from when I first met you last year.

    He’s a cool kid. Reminds me of my younger brother when he was a kid. The was the ER king. He went there fearlessly on a regular basis. I think he broke his arm once, but mostly he got stitches from jumping ramps with his bicycle and a dog bit him one time and my sister slung him against the metal frame of a bed one time, and Lord knows what else. Some kids are just like that! lol Nice write up on him.

  • Mandy K Court

    before you even said it, I thought “holy smokes, the kid looks like Tad.”

  • Jodie

    I really love reading about your kids….what a beautiful family you have!!

    I love the pregnant picture if you!!!!

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